Caroline Martin

I’m teaching the Alexander Technique 16 yrs now. My background is in Complimentary Medicine & Restorative Yoga teaching & meditation. I’ve worked for 29 yrs in this field with varying private & public sectors.

I work with Children & Adults with special needs.

I’ve worked with oncology patients & Palliative care, I’ve worked with Wheelchair Association, MS Ireland and many other organisations.

I train mothers & babies in the region.

I run a private clinic also working one to one.

I have a particular interest in movement with ease through walking, swimming, dancing, and yoga.

It’s all about choice and learning to move forward with ease.

Caroline Martin
Caroline Martin
M.I.R.I., F.I.C.T.A., Tera-Mai, M.A.T.I., I.S.A.T.T.
Co. Roscommon

Operates in:

Co. Roscommon