The Alexander Technique in Daily Life

Improve self-perception
In today’s busy world, we are often unaware of our body. Pain and discomfort are frequently ignored in the interests of endurance and speed but often become worse as time goes on.

Here, the Alexander Technique can help by bringing self-perception back to centre stage. By perceiving our body more accurately, we discover what we are doing to cause such problems. This is the starting point for positive change and can relieve us of pain and unnecessary tension.

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Everyday Life the Wrong Way
Everyday Life the Alexander Technique way

*Photos: Courtsey of Richard Brennan

Release tension
The Alexander Technique can help us to become more aware of balance, posture and coordination while performing everyday actions. The posture and ease of movement of young children is a joy to watch, as they all have a natural way of coordinating their movements with minimal tension. Unfortunately, as we get older, many of us override this to such an extent that we often hold four or five times more tension in our bodies than is necessary.

Discover your habits
Many of us tend to develop physical and mental habits that are detrimental to our health. They are so embedded in our everyday lives that we perceive them as normal, and we often don’t realise how much better our lives would be without them. The Alexander Technique can help you to become aware of your habits and guide you towards an easier and more pleasurable way of moving and being.