About The Irish Society of Alexander Technique Teachers (ISATT)

ISATT is a rapidly growing Alexander Technique Society based in Ireland. It was set up to give advice and support to the Alexander Technique teachers in Ireland and to help members of the public to know about the technique and to find a local teacher or workshops and courses.

ISATT also organises teaching exchanges and workshops for teachers and those with an enthusiasm for the technique. All ISATT teaching members have completed comprehensive training over a minimum of three years at an ISATT approved teacher training course.

ISATT is committed to supporting the highest standards of teaching, professional training and conduct.

Ensuring Standards

The Alexander Technique has been taught for well over one hundred years around the world and for over 35 years in Ireland. In 2004 the Irish Society of Alexander Technique Teachers was founded in Ireland by teachers who graduated from Ireland’s first Alexander Technique Teachers Training Course. ISATT aims to ensure the highest standards of teacher training and professional practice. All members of ISATT are registered to teach the Technique after completing an approved three-year training course or having reached a standard approved by ISATT. The Society also offers Continuing Professional Development to its members with its programme of post-graduate events.

Promoting the Technique

ISATT also aims to promote public awareness and understanding of the Alexander Technique, and to offer support for its teachers by offering exchanges and workshops throughout the year, and by providing an opportunity to promote their work on the ISATT website.


Our Origins

Although ISATT was officially launched in June 2004, the idea of ISATT was conceived in Donnelly’s public house in Barna, Co Galway, on the 135th anniversary of F M Alexander’s birth, 20th January 2004. That evening, teachers and students of the Alexander Technique Teacher Training College in Galway met and expressed their desire for more connection and mutual support between fellow teachers and students in Ireland.

Our Vision

Using the Alexander Technique we hope to create a world where people are more conscious and are able to make constructive choices, which are free from habitual behaviour.

Our Mission

To promote and deepen the discoveries and developments of F M Alexander in Ireland.


  • Provide a forum for Alexander Technique Teachers in Ireland in which to explore, deepen and share their knowledge and application of the work in a non-judgmental way.
  • Maintain a professional relationship with Alexander Technique International, STAT and similar professional societies and associations.
  • Promote the work to Government Departments, Healthcare Providers, Healthcare Insurers, Broadcast Media and interested bodies, parties and persons in Ireland.

Committee Officers

  • President: Aoumeur (Omar) Benaissa
  • Vice-President:  Tina Kiely
  • Secretary: Teresa Turner
  • Treasurer: Mary Murphy