Who was F.M Alexander?

F.M. Alexander was an actor – As a Shakespearean reciter, Alexander often lost his voice while performing. After trying many remedies to no avail, he concluded that it must be something he was doing while reciting that was causing the problem.

He spent many months observing himself using mirrors and realised that he had various habits of tightening his body, that were contributing to his hoarseness. As he learned to undo those patterns, his speaking, breathing, and overall well-being improved. So much so that people started asking him to help them as well, and so the Alexander Technique was

F.M. Alexander

When Alexander began teaching other people his discoveries, many noticed that their breathing improved as a result of letting go of excessive tension.

The way we breathe can have a significant impact on our daily life, especially if we have a habit of unconsciously holding our breath when we’re stressed or anxious.

This holding pattern can affect the free movement of our diaphragm, which in turn influences our digestive system, contributing to an overall sense of discomfort.

By becoming aware of these response patterns and learning to change them, our breathing becomes much calmer. As a result, we experience greater freedom of movement and better digestion, feel more at ease, and become more confident.