Alexander Technique at Work

Alexander Technique - Working at a Computer

The Alexander Technique can be taught to individuals or groups at their workstations

Improved employee wellbeing
Employees become aware of poor postural habits which can lead to pain and discomfort.  Postures used during sitting, standing, manual handling and repetitive handling are examined, and alternative, beneficial options are explored. Habitual responses to stimuli are identified and assessed.

A sound investment
The Alexander Technique promotes health and well-being. Ways to improve the work environment are identified during lessons. Employees learn how to identify and release unnecessary muscle tension which reduces musculoskeletal problems and improves focus.

Working with a Microscope
A.T. at Work Learning to Work with a Keyboard

National Framework for Healthy Workplaces in Ireland 2021-2025
…asks workers and managers to consider, amongst other things, personal health resources in the workplace. Providing Alexander Technique lessons in the work environment is an effective way of supporting this principle.

Musculoskeletal problems (muscle, bone or joint problems) are identified as the most significant cause of work-related illness (CSO 2019).