Alexander Technique in Sports

The way you use your body can dramatically affect your performance
The Alexander Technique has helped both amateur and professional athletes discover that the more aware they are of their actions, the greater control they have over their body. The Technique has been used effectively in many sports, from golf to running, and helps with stamina, technique, and competitive anxiety, amongst other performance-related factors.

Alexander Technique Teacher Working on Footballer's Knee

Reduces the risk of injury
Sport places great demand on your body and can often lead to injuries. An Alexander Technique teacher can show you how you can use less tension in demanding activities, dramatically reducing the risk of injury.

The increased freedom and flexibility that the Technique imparts not only helps to improve performance but often renews enjoyment.

Reduces excessive goal orientation
Most early training invites the sports-person to try harder and harder, which can result in excessive muscle tension. This not only puts the body under enormous pressure, but, if such habits are allowed to persist, can interfere with the body’s natural mechanisms. As a result, the sport often has to be given up altogether. After sports-people learn the Technique they are amazed to find that an easier, more flowing style can produce the same or even better performance, with less effort.

Correcting a Jockey's Posture

*Photos Courtsey of Richard Brennan