Alexander Technique – Dealing With Pain

Back pain epidemic

According to the Institute of Occupational Medicine, back pain is currently the largest reported reason for sickness absence in the UK. Many people carry on for years in unnecessary pain, often unaware of the cause, feeling that nothing can be done for them.  The Alexander Technique has proven effective in improving back, neck, shoulder and joint related pain as well as arthritis and headaches. Rather than being a ‘quick fix’, the Alexander Technique provides a re-education in posture and movement, often revealing the cause of a wide variety of physical pain.

Dealing with Shoulder pain
Dealing with Back Pain

Understanding the cause of back pain
The underlying cause of many of these problems can be found when we consider our posture (*) and the way we use our body while performing even the simplest of tasks: pain is simply the body’s warning system trying to tell us that something is going wrong. Yet, when it comes to pain many people today are trying to eliminate pain without investigating what is causing it in the first place. This is the main reason why pain becomes chronic, recurring again and again.

The Alexander Technique can help to identify the root causes of pain and then educates a person to sit, stand and move in new ways such that the body is not under continual stress.