Alexander Technique for Actors and Dancers

Enhance Stage Presence

Enhance your stage presence
A key Alexander Technique principle states that our mind and body work together as one. As actors and dancers, we are constantly commanding our body and voice to portray different characters, but we often have to ‘trust’ that the right thing will happen, especially during a performance. Over the course of your lessons, your Alexander Teacher will help you to become aware of how you walk, sit, stand and move (your habits), but will also show you how you can change these habits, allowing you to truly embody your character.

“Having the freedom to change how you move or how you project your voice at any given moment will not only give you full ownership of your performance, but will also allow you to strengthen your connection with your audience.”

It’s possible to feel totally comfortable
Whether it’s from long hours of rehearsal or from a recurring injury, we can sometimes experience pain or tightness in our body, which we either ignore or attribute to ‘bad technique’. However, it can be difficult to change what we’re doing when we don’t know the cause of the problem. With the help of an Alexander Technique teacher, you’ll discover how your body is designed to move, and to notice the unnecessary muscle tension you might be holding, which is preventing your natural freedom and ease of movement.

“Just by becoming aware of how you’re using your body, pain, discomfort and injuries can be drastically reduced or even eliminated.”

Michaela Teaching a Dancer