Michaela Wohlgemuth

Michaela Wohlgemuth qualified in 1999 as an Alexander Technique Teacher after a three-year full-time training at the ATI-Los Angeles in California, USA and has over 22 years continuous full-time teaching experience.

Since 2006 she has been the Assistant Director of the Alexander Technique Training Centre based in Galway. In 2016 she became the lead tutor for Alexander Technique at Trinity College’s ‘The Lir Academy of Dramatic Art’; where she is teaching acting students how to develop availability, ease, and confidence on stage and in their wider life. That is also where she has her private practice.

She teaches people in all walks of life to eliminate extra effort, tension, and strain and to find a sense of ease, vitality, and freedom in movement - as a foundation for self-care and to avoid injury, in their work and in their lives.

"I hope to stimulate you to explore the power of the Alexander Technique through informing, education and providing experiences about it and that will impact on your everyday life."

Her work is always focused on giving her students independence and personal success.

Michaela Wohlgemuth
Michaela Wohlgemuth
BA (Hons), AmSAT (Cert), mATVD, mISATT
Trinity College, Dublin
Bodhi Wellness Center, Gorey
Co. Wexford

Operates in:

Co. Dublin