Margaret Maher

Margaret trained as a primary school teacher in Mary Immaculate College, Limerick and spent 36 years teaching in primary education, mostly in mainstream classes but also in the area of special education.

Having suffered from chronic back pain for 27 years and after exploring countless treatments and therapies, she eventually came across the Alexander technique. As well as getting relief from pain, for the first time she found a technique that taught her how to help herself. What she loves most about it is that she can practise it anytime, anywhere, and it has put her in control of her own healing. The technique impressed her so much that she decided to take early retirement and train as an Alexander teacher.

She is interested in working with individuals and groups and would love to work with children in the classroom.

'Give the child poise and the reasoned control of his physical being, and you fit him for any and every mode of life; he will have wonderful powers of adapting himself to any and every environment that may surround him.'
- F.M. Alexander

Margaret Maher
Margaret Maher
B.Ed., Grad Dip SEN, Mont.Dip, mISATT, STATcert
Co. Tipperary

Operates in:

Co. Tipperary