Aoumeur (Omar) Benaissa

Who is Aoumeur
Aoumeur (Omar) trained as an Alexander Teacher in Galway and is certified by STAT. From October 2021 to May 2024, he was honoured to serve as the chairman of ISATT, the Irish Society of Alexander Technique Teachers. He is also, after an 18 months training, an MBSR teacher (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), certified by IMA (Institute of Mindfulness Based Approaches - Germany).

After holding various management positions in the IT industry for over 20 years, Aoumeur worked as an Enterprise International Project Management senior trainer during 16 years. Having retired in 2021, Aoumeur is now dividing his time between hobbies (hiking, reading, gardening, playing Saxophone), and coaching others to become better at whatever they are doing or aiming to achieve.

What happens during an Alexander lesson?
At the start of the Alexander Technique lesson, you are welcomed and given all the time and space you need to feel at ease and comfortable. Aoumeur will show you how to apply the principles of the Technique in an area of life that matters to you, and he will help you become present in order to make more conscious choices. He will help you become aware of your unconscious postural habits, in particular those habits that are causing your tensions, and which are at the source of so many ailments such as back, shoulder, knee and joint pain.

As you learn to change or to let go of those habits, the corresponding pain and discomfort will gradually subside.

During a lesson, it may sometimes happen that mental and emotional tensions find their way and percolate up to the surface of your awareness. If and when this happens, such manifestations are recognised and gently dealt with. They are just expressions of underlying and often unconscious forms of stress, anxiety or excessive worry. As these manifestations are accepted and welcomed in a non-judgmental way, a feeling of lightness, deep relief and peace is usually experienced.

Why teach the Alexander Technique?
Aoumeur came to the Alexander Technique because he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others, and while doing so, he continues to learn, to develop and to grow. He found the Alexander Technique to be a practical and embodied form of Mindfulness: it is such a fascinating, gentle and effective approach to exploring and navigating the mystery of how the body, emotions and mind are so deeply connected, resulting in this incredible piece of art: the human being.

The Alexander Technique helps to restore us to the way we were originally designed to be: free to move, to think and to act.


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Omar Benaissa - Mindful Alexander Technique Teacher
Aoumeur (Omar) Benaissa
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