Remembering Rosemary

Rosemary Moone

–  By Teresa Turner  –

Our dear colleague and friend Rosemary Moone passed away on the 15th of June 2023, following illness. After qualifying in 1993, she ran a private practice in Cork since 1995.

I met Rosemary for the first time in 2002 when I was in the second year of my music degree at the Cork School of Music. Having just completed a summer of performing the mammoth Ring Cycle of operas by Wagner, I was physically not in the best state, and having had my initial introduction to the Alexander Technique with Margaret Edis earlier that year, I knew it was something that I really needed.

At the time I was often only able to play for five minutes at a time before I had to stop due to severe tension and pain. From my first lesson with Rosemary, I felt safe and listened to. I realised how little I had been aware of what I was doing with my body, not only when I played music (especially as a double bassist) but in general. I remember being amazed at the relief I would get when she would work with me on the table, and I had the sense of my shoulders releasing in such a way that I’d never experienced before.

I will always think of Rosemary’s voice when she would often say in a moment of quiet – “Any wee thoughts for me?”. She had a colourful paper mobile attached to the ceiling above her teaching table, and it would spiral and move in the light breeze, helping me to stay present and connected, and bringing me out of my head and into my body.

In the beginning it was the sheer relief from my constant pain that kept me coming back for lessons, and it was only later that I was able to take in other aspects of the technique which helped me so much, that I decided I wanted to train as an Alexander teacher myself.

Rosemary was so delighted to hear it and she supported me in my process. With her help I was able to not only survive my music degree and be able to perform a 45-minute solo recital in my final year, but to thrive and look forward to helping others.

Having completed my own teacher training 12 years ago now, I still have such fond memories and gratitude for my years of study with Rosemary, who saw me often at my most vulnerable, but encouraged me above all with her kindness, sense of humour, patience, and trust.

Rest in peace dear Rosemary, you will be forever in my heart.