An Introduction to the Alexander Technique

An Introduction to the Alexander Technique
Starts: Tue 6 Dec 2022
at: 14:00
Ends: Thu 8 Dec 2022
at: 14:00
Course Type: 
Non residential 
Course Fee:  € 175/week or €65/day
Richard Brennan
Venue: Alexander Technique Centre, Moycullen, Galway

The Course

Many people think that the Alexander Technique involves improving posture by ‘sitting up straight’. Nothing could be further from the truth. It involves being aware and releasing the unconscious tension from our body allowing us to move through life with greater ease. It can dramatically help prevent or alleviate backache, neck pain, arthritis, insomnia, depression as well as a whole range of physical aches and pains that are so common in our society today.

As these tensions are released, so are many of the thoughts that hold us back from being who we truly are. Emotions that may have been trapped within our body for decades can gently and safely be released. Many people find that the Alexander Technique helps their confidence and self-esteem, spontaneity, leading to greater contentment and a deeper love of life naturally grow.

The workshop will cover the needs of the group, but you will learn how to:

  • Eliminate Back and neck pain effectively without drugs
  • Improve posture without effort
  • Improve breathing in minutes
  • Reduce Stress
  • How to Sit, stand and walk with a new freedom and ease
  • Understand the root cause of many modern illnesses is excessive muscular tension
  • Understand mind/body/emotional unity

This 3-day course will help you to learn about the basic principles of the technique and learn some simple awareness exercises that will help you in your life.  It includes 4 hours of tuition a day including daily individual sessions.

Course Prerequisites: 
Suitable for Everyone

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An Introduction to the Alexander Technique