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Barbara Bradby


Moville, Co. Donegal

Tel: 074 932 5714   Mobile: 086 078 9963

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About Barbara

I love practising the Alexander Technique for myself, and I also love teaching and sharing it with others. I started lessons in 2009, looking for a solution to lower-back pain that I had been experiencing for about ten years. I was genuinely amazed when after two weeks of practising the Technique, my back pain was more or less gone. I was also intrigued, and kept on with my lessons because I wanted to properly understand what was happening in them. After a while, I started to notice other things changing in my life: I was getting less worried, less stressed by work and other people. As I put it to my teacher after a few months, 'Everything has started to get easier'. And she replied, 'Yes, getting rid of pain is just a side-effect of the Technique. It is so much more.'

When I retired from my job as a university lecturer, I decided to train to be an Alexander teacher, and qualified in March 2018 from the Alexander Technique Ireland Centre in Moycullen. In teaching-practice on the training-course, I have worked successfully with people suffering from physical pain, as well as with emotional and self-image problems. In addition to my own lower-back pain, I have seen how the Technique can help people overcome neck, shoulder, hip, knee and other joint pain, and am very keen to work with students who have these kinds of problems. I have a lifelong love of horses, and can work with riders on the ground to improve their posture and coordination. I am also interested in working with musicians who are experiencing pain, or who wish to improve their performance. However, I see the core principles of the Technique as applicable to everyday movements (standing, sitting, walking, and so on), and it is through re-learning these movements consciously that we can bring about the changes that take us out of pain and into the freedom and ease that so many Alexander students report.

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