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Margaret O'Sullivan Farrell

B.Mus, L.T.C.L., mISATT, mSTAT

71 Highfield Park, Dundrum, Dublin 14

Mobile: 083 4042043

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About Margaret

After a career in performing and teaching piano at the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama in Dublin, Margaret took early retirement to train at the Alexander Technique Teacher Training College in Galway.

Lessons in the Alexander Technique with Frank Kennedy (the first teacher of the Alexander Technique in Ireland) and her subsequent training with Richard Brennan helped Margaret to see that unconscious, harmful habits in performing everyday tasks also cause problems when performing on a musical instrument. She learnt how to question persistent physical and mental habits, and this led to greater ease and efficiency of movement, and enhanced well-being.

As a result of postgraduate study with Jeando Masoero, a French Alexander Technique teacher who has done extensive research into the writings and pedagogy of F. M. Alexander, Margaret teaches Initial Alexander Technique. Pupils are encouraged to observe how their pre-conceptions are linked to problems of movement, how they are being guided by their sensory appreciation (what they feel) and how this often results in disability and pain. Then, with verbal input from the teacher, they practise movements with self-guidance, using accurate instructions. As pupils learn the technique of 'conscious guidance' of themselves, their thinking and reasoning skills are sharpened, and they enjoy experimenting with change. They learn to 'do it for themselves'.