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About Deirdre

Deirdre trained at the Alexander Teacher Training Course Oxford, England which was directed by Elisabeth Walker and also included regular teaching by Bridget Belgrave and Lucia Walker, along with postgraduate teachers from the course and several visiting teachers from other schools and countries. She qualified from the three year training in December 1997.

She has worked at the Alexander Technique training course in Galway with Richard Brennan and at the Alexander Technique training course in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, with Jane Ruby Heirich. She has taught a 2 credit (16 week course: Introduction to the Alexander Technique) in the College of Communication and Fine Arts, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, Michigan. She also offers Alexander lessons regularly at Creative 360 in Midland, Michigan. Deirdre enjoys working with people from a variety of backgrounds and interests. Deirdre has tutored (2015-2017) at Bow Street (Screen Acting and Film Making Centre).

She loves exploring in movement and dance, sound and singing. She enjoys Five Rhythm Dance a lot. Deirdre likes to work in different environments and these have included nursing homes, schools, volunteer caregiver with hospice (Toni & Trish House and Mother Teresa House, Michigan), community halls and parks. She has spent considerable time with children and teens with special needs since 2007 in Michigan, USA as a special needs assistant and prior to that in Oxford between 1996 and 1999.

She loves performance art, painting and the healing art of sacred clowning and likes to find ways to communicate about the Alexander Technique through these mediums. Deirdre has a deep interest and love of singing and also is keen to encourage and support others to experience their natural voice. She approaches singing as a healing, creative and empowering source in life.

Deirdre studied Theatre and English at California Lutheran University from 1984-1988 and graduated with a B.A. in 1988. She had her very first lesson in the Alexander Technique from Barbara Wegher-Thompson, M.A. in Dance and teacher of the Alexander Technique at California Lutheran University Drama Department.

She teaches individuals privately and is available for group teaching. She is also willing to teach in different parts of the country on request.

"The Alexander Technique has helped and continues to help me grow, explore and to trust indirect means to reach and frequently go beyond goals. I have found this to be the most interesting and rewarding of ways leading me to friends, places, experiences I might never have met or experienced.. In my earliest lessons with Elisabeth Walker I knew that something essentially good was being communicated through her touch. I began to feel in ways I had not felt before.It was and is a joy to be invited to give myself time to watch, to look, to listen, to feel, to think and to choose to do or not to do or maybe something else! I continue to discover what it is about and how it can support me to live more fully and alive with my self and with others."