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Aisling Morgan


Address to follow, Co. Roscommon
Also at: Galway city, Co. Galway

Tel: 083 8415525

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About Aisling

Aisling Morgan is from Williamstown, Co. Galway. She plays the fiddle and holds a BA in Irish Music and Dance and an MA in Traditional Irish Music Performance from the University of Limerick. From 2008-2011, she facilitated weekly performance workshops for students on the BA in Irish Music and Dance and has also taught fiddle and the Alexander Technique to students on various MA programmes in both one-to-one and group settings at the University of Limerick./p>

Aisling graduated from the Alexander Technique Centre in 2011. She has also engaged in training with David Gorman and his LearningMethods approach is hugely influential in her own work helping musicians, singers, actors and other performers to overcome blocks and strains in their performance practice as well as in everyday life. Aisling's work focuses on the individual and their unique experiences and interpretations. She established a teaching practice in Dublin over a year and a half and then moved to Australia where she taught the Alexander Technique / Learning Methods to individuals and groups in Melbourne and Hobart.

Aisling has presented workshops for musicians and performers at the University of Melbourne (Music Therapy Dept); Cygnet Folk Festival, Tasmania; Rosny College Hobart; Gaiety School of Acting, Dublin; Baltimore Fiddle Fair, Cork; Galway Voice Studio; The International Congress of Music Education, UL; The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, UL and on the Access Music Project Galway.

The Alexander Technique is a holistic approach and lessons can teach you how to address various tension and stress issues. As young children we moved with great ease and freedom but over time developed harmful habits. A teacher of the Alexander Technique can help you to re-learn that ease and freedom in movement and as a result make everything you do easier and more enjoyable. The process of learning the Alexander Technique is a continuing one that has dramatically improved my health and enriched my life.