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Caroline Martin

M.I.R.I., F.I.C.T.A., Tera-Mai, M.A.T.I., I.S.A.T.T.

Ratallan, Croghan, Boyle, Co. Roscommon

Tel: 071 9668230   Mobile: 086 8397499

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About Caroline

I am Caroline Martin and I came to the Alexander technique in a round about way. I ran my own complimentary health business working through public and private sectors using a range of therapies but most popular was various massage and reflexology. Yes they gave good results but I was noticing the results for some were short lived.

I then attended a weekend workshop on the Alexander technique and was completely blown away by my discoveries! I felt that my therapy based work was never going to give you the results the Alexander technique did. I remember describing it to a colleague as the building blocks of life and everything else was secondary to it. I read I researched everything on the Alexander technique, I referred clients down to the course and workshops and I would hear wonderful stories back on how they were changing and learning and how amazing it was, I felt slightly envious at this stage I must say.

After having my own health issues a light switched on for me and I decided to give myself the time to go study the Alexander technique, and I can honestly say that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It was one of the most challenging but rewarding and life changing experiences I've had for the better.

I was very fortunate in my final year of my training to be pregnant with my first boy and I never experienced any problems especially back pain in my pregnancy. This is why currently I especially work with pregnant mums right up to birth and after birth also as the technique is especially important for nursing mums, I work a lot with children and teenagers which is challenging but great fun.

I am especially interested in movement/dance as a way to work through releasing tension in the body using the Alexander technique.

I really can't recommend the technique highly enough to people to come give it a try and be amazed.