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Fiona Cranwell


62 Broadford Rise, Ballinteer, Dublin 16

Mobile: 087 6503523

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About Fiona

Fiona trained in Galway and is certified by bodies ATI and STAT, is a founding member of the Irish Society for AT Teachers (ISATT) and currently has the honour of serving a second term as Chair of Alexander Technique International (ATI) based in Boston, USA. The first European Chair of this organisation.

Believe it or not Fiona was a shy teenager, who showed all the signs of her discomfort in her posture. These bad habits further compounded as an adult working in restaurants. In 2000 she came to the technique, skeptically, after years of lifting, standing, sitting and carrying in badly coordinated ways. Posture became a problem when pain was noted. Also clothes did not fit well and tension levels were high.

When she experienced her first lessons her skeptical mind was not abated, but the experience was enjoyable. Over time she saw gentle improvements and wanted to know more. Slowly, subtly her body released the tensions that were pulling her down and rounding her shoulders. Her pain dissolved and her confidence grew as she found her full height.

Surprised in the technique's simple and logical magic she enrolled to train as a teacher and now enjoys continuous learning about the most important subject in the world, the self. Her passion for the work lies with the real changes she has made in herself and witnessing others make. She enjoys teaching, young and old, that we have great possibility as human beings, to make conscious changes, to choose, to heal, to free, to empower, to shine.

Fiona teaches group classes, workshops and private lessons in Dublin and surrounds. She has worked as an Alexander Technique teacher in Ireland and abroad for 11 years. She has helped many overcome pain, manage stress, avoid surgery, speak with ease, look good and move gracefully, as she did for herself. This technique is gentle, with great possibility and scope to be tailored to your movement and performance needs.