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ISATT Teaching Member Profile

Giora Pinkas

2727 College Avenue, Berkeley, California, USA

Tel: 925 933 0602

About Giora

Certified at 16 Ashley place by P.J. Macdonald in 1967, Giora went on to practice in England, Germany, Israel and the United States where, in 1974, he co-founded the first teacher-training course in America, of what are now the International Standards. In the mid-80's he also established training-couses in Frieburg and Heidelberg (Germany), respectively. Since then he continues to offer yearly refresher-courses for teachers throughout Europe.

In recent years Giora has been serving AmSAT(USA) as head of Nominating Committee in addition to functioning as evaluator for GLAT (Germany) and a consultant to a number of training courses.

His experience includes working with children in educational settings, in pain-clinics, with musicians, and performing artists.

His focus since 1983 is The Alexander Educational Center. Located in Berkeley, California, it is a centre for training teachers, guest-teachers' workshops and post-graduate training for teachers of various backgrounds. Email:

Giora has been instrumental in helping ISATT seek worldwide affiliation with other Alexander societies.

While being active internationally in making sure that training-standards continue to be as high as possible, he strongly believes in emphasising our common ground and in working harmoniously.